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Epson SureColor Finance Promotion

Epson SureColor Finance Promotion

Epson Finance Offer on Signage, Fabric and DTG Printers


Are you working to get your business back up and running after Covid lockdown? Do you need some new equipment but are concerned about cash flow over the next few months? Epson may just have the answer with our special finance offer. If you purchase a new Large Format printer and get it leased with assistance from Epson Finance then with our help you won’t have to worry about the first 4 months’ worth of repayments! Even better… this offer can be combined with our Epson Large Format Ink Promotion so your running costs are minimised while you focus on getting business back on track.


What is the Offer?

Purchase the one of the following eligible Epson printers from an authorised Australian Epson Large Format Reseller between:-   1 June 2020 and 31 August 2020 and finance the equipment through Epson Finance and we will Rebate you back the first 4 Months’ worth of Repayments.


SureColor S40600, S60600 S60660L, S80600, S80660L

  SureColor F6200, F6360, F7200, F9460, F9460H  
  SureColor F2160  

  • This offer is based on equipment financed under a five year term through a provider supplied by Epson Finance
  • Not only will you get a great finance rate, but for the first couple of months you can focus on your business and your customers ahead of your the bills .
  • Printers must be purchased with a 4 year CoverPlus agreement (+ the base 1 year Warranty = 5yr Total Cover). This cover is comprehensive (including print heads) and as long as you follow the user operation and maintenance instructions there should be no additional service charges through the life of the lease.
  • Oh and this is not a Rental. You are buying the equipment and will own outright after the finance is completed. In the interim, if eligible (consult your accountant) you can claim the Government Instant Asset Write-Off!

What are the Equipment Options?

  • Please refer to the following model code and product information SureColor S40600, S60600, S60660L, S80600, S80660L, and SureColor F6200, F6360, F7200, F9460, F9460H, F2160.
  • You can add other selected Epson products to the finance agreement (including additional platens, inks, and the like, up to a limited value) and will receive all the benefits of the promotional offer.
  • You can also add other Epson Products along with 3rd party items like a heat press, pre-treatment &/or finishing equipment. Unfortunately with these items we won’t be able to give you the rebate but depending on the total package value you may find that Epson Finance can give you a better rate!

Who Can Qualify?

  • The offer is extended to Australian customers who intend to install and operate equipment in Australia.
  • While the offer has been designed for businesses with access to GST exemption, others may apply.
  • Finance is subject to normal credit approval processes and limitations.

What other Conditions and Features should I be aware of?

As with all finance packages there are terms and conditions. These will need to be discussed with you during the sales process. In the interim, some key issues to be aware of include;

  • While Epson can assist you with product and dealer information, all sales and finance discussions need to be provided through an Authorised Epson Large Format Dealer. The dealer must have access to the relevant printer products and Epson Finance Solutions products.
  • As Epson does not supply direct, all pricing is subject to negotiation between yourself and your chosen dealer. Any monthly repayment values quoted herein or any associated marketing collateral should be considered STRICTLY indicative.
  • Equipment must be new (it cannot be used, ex. Demo, etc) and Epson equipment must be sourced by your dealer through Epson Australia.
  • Equipment must be ordered with 2 x 2 Years Cover Plus (+ 1 Year Warranty = Total 5 Years On-Site Parts and Labour Cover). If the equipment is installed in a location outside of a major Metropolitan area then provision of On-Site service may involve payment of a remote access travelling charge. For further details on the Terms and Conditions of our Warranty Service Program please refer to the Signage Warranty or Dye Sub Warranty or DTG Warranty sections on our web site.
  • The promotional finance package is based on a ‘chattel mortgage’ with a 60 month term.
  • Epson Finance Solutions is operated separate to Epson Australia. Provision of service is subject to the terms, conditions, and processes determined by Epson Finance Solutions. Epson Australia is not authorised to provide advice in regards the appropriateness of a particular financial product to an individual customer situation. We are unable to influence credit approval decisions and accept no liability should an application prove unsuccessful.

How Do I find out More?

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